Part of the internationally renowned Ogilvy & Mather group, Ogilvy CommonHealth specialises in delivering inspirational marketing and advertising solutions for clients in the healthcare industry.

Collaborating with some of the world’s best known brands, Ogilvy specialises in all areas of consumer health and health-related communications. Rooted in research, analysis and strategy development Ogilvy derives powerful insights which are used to inform the delivery of industry leading creative solutions.

From brand identity and development to PR and advertising, the solutions offered not only deliver for clients but open people’s minds and change health behavior.

The Challenge

In an increasingly connected world, few organisations can afford to go without an effective language solution. Ogilvy and the household names it supports are no exception.

Taking pride in the quality of solutions provided, the marketing specialist has stringent requirements for language service provision. Add the unique requirements of clients in the healthcare industry for accuracy and potential implications an error in translation can mean and it becomes clear that translation quality is a primary consideration.

The creative nature of the service delivered calls for specialist solutions. Generating innovative design, web and multimedia means more than just translating the written word. A localisation provider must be able to work across mediums and tailor workflows to exacting specifications. For Ogilvy, the dual requirements of quality and adaptability are key to partner selection.

The Solution

Trusted by many of the top 100 global brands, thebigword has extensive experience in delivering language solutions for some of the best known names in business – a position that Ogilvy can ably mirror. With a shared understanding of how organisations working on the global stage, the partnership is based on a firm commonality.

With translation quality at the heart of what thebigword delivers, a focus enhanced by a commitment to develop industry leading technology, exacting specifications are easily achieved. As well as the benefits the expert linguists and proof readers bring, Terminology Management software offers genuine peace of mind. Identifying industry specific terminology, the system is able to ensure that the vital terms, prevalent in medical terminology, are retained in their original form.

Alongside identification of terms, thebigword is also able to identify and respond to specific workflows and procedures. Language solutions are tailored to tie in seamlessly with partner requirements and ensure an effortless delivery. Just as Ogilvy look to provide ready-for-market solutions to their clients, so thebigword offers a completed product. Whether working with content as HTML, within InDesign or pure text, thebigword provides language solutions that deliver for creative clients.