At thebigword we are proud to celebrate the diversity amongst our employees. We don’t just celebrate our inclusive policies on age, gender and ethnicity, but we encourage cognitive diversity and recruit people from all different work experiences and backgrounds. With a wide range of roles across our 12 global offices, we recruit talented people that share our values and passion for language services. We take a skills and qualities first approach and welcome applicants from other industries, keen to enter the localisation industry.

Quotes from the team who have come from different industries

“On retirement from the Police in 2012, I was immediately recruited by another LSP which provided services to Police Forces. The job had limited prospects and no opportunity for advancement. I transferred to thebigword in 2016 in a similar capacity with an eagerness to forge a new career. The big difference with thebigword is that there is plenty of opportunity to progress and grow in a role. In 2018 the chance of a more senior role in another part of the company came up, which involved a promotion. I am delighted to say I am now in that more senior role and thoroughly enjoying it.”

Paul Hawkaluk, Strategic Account Director


“In 2003, I graduated from University with a degree in textile design. I worked as an Assistant Merchandiser for 3 years, before making a drastic change in roles to become a Veterinary Nurse. I was in this job for 10 years before having my son, which inspired me to make another change in my career. I really enjoyed the interaction and sociability aspect of my nursing job, which encouraged me to look for a role where I could thrive in this area. I worked as a hospital receptionist before applying for a role at thebigword in March 2017. I landed the job and have been in this role ever since. thebigword gave me the chance to use my sociability skills, and I now work with various people and help employees across the business.”

Caroline Galdas, HR Administrator