One of the UK’s longest running events and one of Leeds most prominent events is hitting Leeds this weekend and here at thebigword we are joining in with the festivities.

Pride started on 28th June 1970 in New York, as a commemorative parade on the one year anniversary of the Stonewall riots. The parade was a public sign of unity marking an important event in the lead up to the gay liberation movement, celebrating diversity and equality and spreading awareness of the LBGTQ community.

London joined the celebration in 1972 and Leeds later followed suit in 2006, hosting their own vibrant Pride parade weekend like many cities around the world. Celebrated on a global scale, each city that has joined in the festivities has launched a unique campaign to spread awareness and love in their own way, with Madrid launching outdoor bars and live music and Berlin hosting one of the largest parades in Europe.

Pride is even marked in remote locations. Mcmurdo station in Antarctica celebrate in total darkness at minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit, but are determined to be part of the inclusive movement. The Falklands off the coast of Argentina also take part by sending messages of love to those in need and Guam, an island in the Pacific Ocean, launch a small festival on the beach for the locals.

To mark the occasion at thebigword, we are hosting our very own The Big Pride. We have awareness boards around the office displaying support information, stories and quotes and on Friday 3rd August we have a ‘dress up’ Friday with face painting and selfie frames.

We would like to wish all our colleagues and clients celebrating, a very happy Pride 2018 and we hope you find the events both informative and fun.