Today, it is regarded as not just important, but absolutely vital. It can also be a key asset – and the difference between winning and losing contracts.

So, what do we mean by ‘Security and Compliance’? Well, herein lays the problem.

Although there are clear and accurate dictionary definitions for the terms, the fact is that they mean different things to different organisations.

For example, one organisation’s policies may focus on protecting consumer data, while another would focus on ensuring the right staff have the right (and secure) access to the data they need to do their work.

Clearly, this can create real problems for organisations providing services to other companies – Language Service Providers (LSP’s) can be particularly exposed here as – by definition of the services they provide – they handle content (data) of their clients; and, in some cases, of their clients’ clients.

Everyone clear?

The key to Security and Compliance – and this applies to many aspects of business – is knowing from the start what everyone’s expectations are.

It may sound obvious, but do you really understand your client’s needs?

Or at least understand what extra steps you need to put in place to meet them? Do you have the capabilities to meet their needs?

Be prepared

There’s a danger that organisations think they understand Security and Compliance, but actually when a client starts probing a little deeper, their knowledge, capability and experience start to unravel.

Everyone on board

Have you communicated your Security and Compliance guidelines in a way that is detailed and easy-to-follow?

It is worth ensuring that all staff can see how the business is meeting its compliance goals, while understanding the importance of why it’s being done. Providing training to client account managers ensures content safety.

They know

Companies are all too aware that a security breach, no matter where it occurs in the production chain, can have catastrophic results for them. So they are becoming increasingly savvy in securing data, as well being more technical.

It is now commonplace for clients to ask detailed technical questions around data storage and data security, even down to what brand and version of encrypted hard disks are in place. Recently, one of our clients even wanted to know what version of firmware we had on our various firewalls.

It is clear that maintaining the integrity of our valuable data is becoming progressively important on an almost daily basis. Hardly a week goes by where there isn’t a major news story around a severe data or compliance breach.

You may believe you are Secure and Compliant today: but unless you maintain the significant investment, internal awareness, training and keep up with the ever changing environment, you may not be Secure and Compliant tomorrow.

thebigword ensures that Security and Compliance is not an afterthought. It is the very foundation on which everything is built upon and weaved into every aspect of the process.