The financial and banking industry is comprised of a wide range of service businesses, including banks, investment houses, insurance companies, real estate brokers, consumer finance companies and mortgage lenders. All of whom operate and communicate on the international stage.

With global ‘digitalisation’, industry experts believe that Artificial Intelligence will transform several aspects of the financial industry, due to automated wealth management, mobile banking opportunities, customer verification, as well as Blockchain integration.[1]

Research shows that in 2018, around 51% of adult Europeans use internet banking, which has entirely doubled since 2007.[2] Evidently, as financial entities are becoming more cloud based, consumers are becoming more reliant on digital methods to take care of their personal finances, and becoming more trusting on the internet to resolve any issues, rather than physically visiting banks or ringing up on the phone.

This puts a reliance on the need of a fully localised banking website, or mobile banking application. Financial information can often be difficult to understand, therefore it is essential that the customer experience is simplified by enabling access to vital information in your audiences’ native language. In fact, only a quarter of all internet users speak English, which is an astonishing statistic, highlighting the need to localise your banking website or app.[3]

Alongside complex language, another concern for your audience is likely to be security. It is important to ensure all personal or sensitive information, that you may wish to localise to enhance the user experience, is put through a highly secure translation process. Security and compliance is at the forefront of our services at thebigword. We have all relevant ISO’s as well as advanced security measures in place to assure peace of mind.

At thebigword, each client is unique and we ensure our language solutions are tailored to the specific processes and procedures of every individual business. We can help you translate and localise your finance and banking content, providing the highly secure and accurate translation solutions, to help you succeed on a global scale.

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