With 400 brands, no other company touches the daily lives of so many people in so many different ways. 2 billion people from over 190 countries use a Unilever product.

Unilever Switzerland is the home of brands such as, Food Solutions, Lusso® Icecream and Knorr® to serve the Swiss market.


The Challenge

Unilever Switzerland was seeking partnership with an experienced language service provider to explore ways in which they could remove barriers from their translation processes and raise overall quality standards.

To better understand their requirements, thebigword team set up a translation workshop at Unilever Switzerland headquarters.

The outcome of this collaboration resulted in a list of precise requirements that would need to be met including:

• Quality solutions such as glossaries, style guides and review opportunities
• A straight forward ordering process
• Advice on how to build and maintain a Translation Memory

The Solution

The workshop helped thebigword to better understand the requirements of both Unilever Switzerland and their brands, a great start for improving translation output. The collaboration also facilitated discussions on ways of working together, so the teams at Unilever Switzerland would be aware of when to notify thebigword of their forthcoming projects and product launches. Ultimately these agreements helped to:

• Improve and streamline the translation process
• Simplify the buying process
• Improve translation quality
• Meet and exceed turnaround times

Unilever also had a requirement to centralise their language services to simplify the process and make savings. thebigword helped Unilever move towards centralisation by distributing contact and product information to local teams to enable them to manage their translation projects. Empowering the local teams to utilise thebigwords products and services would help to reduce time spent on contract management, reducing costs.

A central Translation Memory has been established for Unilever that contributed to savings of up to 20% in the first year. Maintenance of the Translation Memory will continually deliver benefits for Unilever in terms of cost savings and improvements in translation quality.


“Collaboration with thebigword has helped us to understand the ways in which we could reduce translation cost, without compromising on quality.

The investment of time at the start of the process to share vital brand information and communicate expectations was worthwhile to achieve our requirements and helped the local teams to get on board. Payback is already showing itself in our Translation Memory savings and we are assured that thebigword technology solutions are evolving quickly in line with our business to continually build upon this success.”


Tatjana Zuncke – Procurement Manager Innovation and Professional Services