Why I’m jumping out of a plane…


As a Director of thebigword Group of companies over the last 37 years, I have seen thebigword grow from a small recruitment focused business to a Global Language Service provider with offices all over the world serving many of the world’s largest companies and organisations.


Working with members of my family for this length of time might be cause enough to jump out of an aeroplane but actually –  there is a greater cause.


Last year I became Head of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) at thebigword and to mark the launch of my new role both literally and metaphorically, I’m doing a skydive along with an incredible group of brave, or crazy, colleagues from thebigword. The nerves are beginning to set in!


On Sunday 2nd September our Skyteam will be heading to Bridlington in Yorkshire (England’s East Coast) to jump from a plane in support of the Allied Forces Foundation.


This is a cause very close to our hearts at thebigword, as we supply interpreters on both sides of the pond through our Defense Division TBW Global, who work very alongside these brave soldiers day in, day out, sometimes in extremely difficult circumstances.


The Allied Forces Foundation do incredible work raising funds for Allied comrades who have been wounded in recent conflicts, and to raise awareness of the ongoing challenges that the injured families and soldiers have to face. Please show your support of this worthy cause, and thebigword Skyteam volunteers, by visiting our fundraising page.


As the new Head of Corporate and Social Responsibility it is possibly the most irresponsible thing I have ever signed up for, but sometimes you just have to face your demons.


Michele Gould

Director and Head of CSR