‘thebigleaders’ – Engaging, Inspiring and Driving Localisation Innovation

Estoril, Portugal: Global language services provider, thebigword, celebrates success as it hosts the inaugural ‘thebigleaders’ event at the Intercontinental hotel in Estoril, Portugal.

As a truly global language service provider with thousands of clients around the world in Asia, across Europe and the Americas, the company has launched thebigleaders. This is bringing together an active community of language leaders who are keen to develop stronger relationships across the localisation industry to establish best practice, share insight and drive innovation.

Ensuring a close alignment and proactive engagement with clients and industry leaders is important to thebigword, in line with the company’s values to provide world-class value to its customers, by continuously improving services, platforms and processes.

Attended by some of thebigword’s world leading clients, the ensemble participated in thought provoking talks, networking with language specialists, and insightful panel discussions.

The first panel of the evening was led by thebigword’s CRO, Garry Levitt, and included delegates from 888, Alitalia, and Amadeus. The discussion centred on the topic of ‘Managing Complex Global Language Requirements’, specifically handling content complexity & catering for all content needs, as well discussing how to deliver content through a centralised translation programme to serve all parts of the organisation.

Representatives from Maverick/DHL, and Bobcat Company joined Rocco Filomeno, Vice President of Sales in Europe at thebigword for the second session of the evening. They engaged in an insightful discussion surrounding the topic of technical and training content, as well as relevancy and accuracy of getting it right the first time.

Fabrizio Pompei at Alitalia commented on the event, “thebigleaders was a fantastic opportunity to meet other like-minded people and share our similar experiences in the localisation industry.

We all have different backgrounds and different approaches to the ways in which we operate, so it was great to exchange ideas on what the future holds in the industry. I would absolutely recommend professionals to attend these events, they really do enrich your experience in the field.”

Mascia Salucci, Head of Digital Sales, Acquisition & Analytics at Alitalia, shared her vision and goals on the topic of Machine Learning, specifically in the context of digital sales and user experience.

Alitalia’s focus is on Machine Learning to increase digital sales. Each Alitalia user benefits from a personalised experience, meaning that the message (e.g. a promotion) and the contents displayed are customized to be suited to his/her purchase and navigation history and constantly improved through AI and Machine Learning. Similarly, in the future, Alitalia are looking to have an AI-driven self-learning dynamic translation service aimed at offering clients the best wording and texts for each single experience to further improve their conversion rates.

thebigleaders series of events and forums are held at different locations across the globe, to engage, inspire and drive innovation in the localisation industry. This committee of professionals will have the opportunity to discuss key localisation challenges, case studies and best practice.

For more information on how you can get involved as a language leader, please visit www.thebigleaders.com or contact thebigleaders@thebigword.com.

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