thebigword hosts round table on the role of faith and upbringing in the workplace

Global Language Solutions provider thebigword recently hosted a group of women leaders for a round table event. The discussion was based on whether faith, ethnicity, upbringing or social background have an impact on the way women communicate and influence in their professional lives and explored whether these additional factors come into play, apart from gender.

The event was organised by Anj Handa, Founder of Inspiring Women Changemakers, a dynamic movement of women leading transformational change. Anj said “When the Near Neighbours programme invited me to organise a roundtable event for women leaders based on faith, I jumped at the opportunity. I have researched the subject of women in leadership for the last fifteen years.”

“While a number of studies have been undertaken on differences in communication style between the genders, I have not come across any which cover this added dimension of heritage and faith. I know that our debate is just the start of pioneering work in this field.”

Head of Global HR at thebigword, Leanne Bottomley said: “I was delighted to welcome such inspiring women to thebigword’s headquarters in Leeds. We had a really fascinating debate and I look forward to seeing how our discussion influences ongoing research into the subject of women in leadership.”

Inspiring Women Changemakers is a dynamic movement of women leading transformational change – in work, in society, and in the world. It was set up to help women speak up: for themselves, for others, and for social issues.

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