What will be the languages of tomorrow?

Around 480 million people speak English all over the world, but the language of Shakespeare is threatened by the economic…

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Los Reyes Magos de Oriente – Spain’s annual Christmas celebration

You may be wondering who the three kings are. In Spain there are Three Kings (apart from King Felipe VI)…

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Christmas Around the World

Turkey and all the trimmings, Christmas crackers with terrible jokes, The Queen’s Speech and countless Christmas specials on the television…

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How to work with Interpreters in court

The first time working with an Interpreter in the court can be challenging, in order to simplify the process for…

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How to use Crowdsourcing to drive business success

Rallying an online crowd to help businesses innovate and stimulate growth is a 21st century phenomena – a modern business…

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WordSynk App on an iPhoneX


Our latest powerful mobile application which puts instant access to interpreters in the palm of your hand.

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