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thebigword interpreting services
make it easier for people to
communicate verbally & visually

Face to Face Interpreting

When you are communicating with people across languages, the reassurance of a highly skilled interpreter within your environment is invaluable. For this most trusted communication support, thebigword Face to Face solution is a service you can depend on.

Your bookings can be made online in a quick 3 step process to request the interpreting support you require. The powerful Interpreting Management System will automatically process your booking details to source the right interpreter within the shortest time possible.

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Telephone Interpreting

For an instant interpreting solution the Telephone Interpreting platform operates 24/7, with over 4,000 linguists waiting for your call. At the touch of button and within a connection time of just 30 seconds, you will be speaking with an interpreter equipped to communicate in your chosen language. The automated platform manages linguistic resources to provide vital support whenever it is needed.

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Sign Language Interpreting

thebigword can provide sign language experts with both American Sign Language (ASL) and British Sign Language (BSL) covered. Our teams work closely with the Action on Hearing Loss organisation to align our services with the specific needs of the hard of hearing community. This service is available to you through specialist booking coordinators at thebigword.

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Corporate Interpreting

To make the most of business opportunities overseas, you need a reliable way to communicate with your stakeholders. Through thebigword Corporate Interpreting solutions you have access to professional interpreters with the relevant experience to fully support your meetings, appointments and conferences. There is a choice of “Simultaneous Interpreting” (the interpretation is delivered at the same time as the speaker is talking) which is popular for large conferences, or “Consecutive Interpreting” (the interpretation is delivered after the speaker has paused/finished) often used for smaller gatherings and meetings.

An interpreter is an important aide to give all delegates the opportunity to engage in your event and to ensure details are not missed. Hiring an interpreter for a meeting also demonstrates a commitment to language inclusion and will leave a good impression with your international customers.

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Telephone Interpreting Dual Handset

For telephone interpreting appointments when the non-English speaker is present, it is worth using a dual handset so both can hear the interpreter and you don’t have to constantly hand the phone back and forth, risking missing a part of the conversation.

thebigword can provide a dual handset and you simply plug into your existing phone socket on the base unit – Click on the link below to order yours.


92% savings with zero impact on patient experience

“When a patient who speaks another language walks through the door, we know we can get an interpreter who speaks one of 257 different languages on the phone in 30 seconds, thanks to thebigword.”

John Williams - Switchboard Manager,
Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust

Harrogate and District NHS

Instant telephone support for people in vulnerable situations

Expert support to maintain quality care

Innovative technology that is driving behavioural change across the organisation

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Instant interpretation support over the phone for Olympic Games staff

“thebigword delivery of the service was flawless.”

LOCOG Spokesperson

London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games

Network of on-call interpreters around the world for rare languages

Assessment programme to ensure the team meet high standards associated with the Olympics

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