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Your Translation Management Technology Solution

thebigword Translation Management System exceeds expectations with advanced solutions to help you communicate and connect with your international stakeholders. Enjoy faster delivery, experience enhanced translation quality and feel protected with total security for your content.

Highly Secure Translation Editor (HSTE)

HSTE is the industry leading solution for the complete protection of your valuable content throughout the translation process. The unique editor supports the delivery of consistently high quality translations through secure connections to your valuable resources, such as translation memories and terminology.

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  • Your confidential content is always secured with our system, removing risk of unwanted access and duplication.
  • Only your translation memory and terminology is used for consistently accurate results.
  • On project completion your content is permanently removed from a Linguist’s computer, preventing copies from being created and saved outside of our secure editor.

Review Tool

When a quick turnaround is required, the time for a thorough translation review can be compromised. Review Tool ensures you can easily integrate this stage for an efficient and thorough review. Leaving your review cycle transformed for faster delivery and enhanced translation quality.

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  • Integrated translation memory, references and terminology resources for easy reviewer checking, enhancing your translation quality.
  • Unique Linguist Quality Assessment (LQA) technology giving you an auditable measure of your translation quality results.

Translation Memory and Terminology Management

Consistent management of your translation memory and terminology delivers translation results that are perfectly aligned with your unique preferences. You benefit from significant cost savings and a faster turnaround with our technology solutions ensuring you gain maximum return on investment to achieve the very best results.

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Workflow Automation

The intelligent workflow automation technology ensures your project is taken through the translation process in the most efficient way. As a result you receive the best value for every project, delivered quickly and of the highest quality standard.

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Connector Solutions

thebigword Connector solutions unite content creation and translation, simplifying the generation of multilingual content for your international customers.

Through thebigword Connector solutions your Content Management System (CMS) interacts directly with thebigword Translation Management System, to send content automatically for translation. This process means you can easily create content and benefit from a fast translation solution to localise your online communications.

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