An extra layer of quality assurance

Language errors and cultural faux-pas damage brands. Spelling and grammar errors dent your credibility; user misunderstandings can lead to costly mistakes. Our Linguistic Quality Services (LQS) provides a full, independent audit of all translations. It identifies areas for improvement and ensures your content measures up to company standards and style guidelines. The benefit is total peace of mind – knowing there is accuracy and precision across every aspect of your global communications.

What can we do for you?

We create language review programs for the world’s most quality-conscious brands.

Quality Validation Service

Bespoke solutions to protect your global reputation:


Linguistic quality review: Expert third-party reviewers ensure your translations are first class. They look for house style adherence and accurate use of glossary terms.

Reviewer training: We support your in-country reviewers by developing written guidelines and providing formal training courses. This helps to optimise the use of their time and ensures review cycles are highly effective.

Metrics and data analysis: We track the number, type and severity of errors to guide translators towards better quality in the future. We identify patterns so we can make permanent fixes. Plus, we can use all that data to help you make strategic business decisions.

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