Highly secure translation editor

Our patented CAT tool is a giant leap forward for file security – restricting linguists to a secure interface. It prevents third parties from saving, printing or taking screenshots of confidential documents, giving clients peace of mind that their material is in safe hands. Moreover, an innovative auto-delete function means documents are permanently erased after translation.

Highly secure translation editor

Files transferred to our translation management system (TMS)

Linguist login required to accept job

Login verified again to open HSTE

Files sent via encrypted connection (Unique key for each file)

Content auto-deleted on completion

Translations returned via encrypted connection

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Unique features

  1. Unique file encryption for your proprietary information
  2. Disables saving, printing and screenshot functions
  3. Auto-deletes documents on completion
  4. Highly secure translation service for documents, transcriptions, audio files and scanned material
  5. Integrated memory and terminology assets for optimum accuracy
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HSTE specification

  1. All major file formats supported
  2. 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard
  3. Prevents cut/copy & paste
  4. Secure apps for documents, transcriptions, audio and scanned material
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