TMS review tool

Our class-leading technology means the translation review process is more efficient than ever before. It ensures that input from your validators, such as preferred terminology, is immediately looped back to the original linguist, improving effectiveness and lightening the reviewers’ future workload. TMS Review Tool is fundamental to our quality assurance approach and helps to drive continual service improvements.

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Key benefits of TMS review:

  1. In-country validation
  2. Preferred terminology embedded
  3. Automatic Translation Memory updates
  4. Performance monitoring
  5. Linguist audit trail
  6. Faster review process
  7. Consistent translations
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Newly-translated text is colour-coded, so validators don’t waste time checking sections already approved during previous projects. Another useful feature is the terminology tool, highlighting approved translations of specific terms.

To drive quality improvements, reviewers can categorise their edits and score the overall quality of translation. An integrated reporting feature allows project managers to summarise this information, which can then be discussed during business reviews and used to monitor team performance.

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