Efficient and cost-effective, without sacrificing quality

Are you wanting to an easy and cost-effective way to expand your business globally? Look no further than machine translation with post-editing.

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thebigword’s cutting-edge technology combines the speed and efficiency of machine translation with the accuracy of human editing, giving you the best of both worlds

With machine translation, you can quickly and easily translate your content into multiple languages, breaking down language barriers and connecting with customers and partners from all around the world.

And with post-editing, you can ensure that your translations are polished and error-free, delivering a high-quality customer experience every time.

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Our Machine Translation (MT) Approach

We use a range of partners engines
Dedicated team of program experts
Assess MT quality through automatic scoring, human evaluations and productivity tests to forecast performance
Integrated solution with industry leaders language tools
Support and advice on MT engine management and customisation
We support post-editors with trainings, documentation and ongoing guidance
Reports to monitor performance and ROI

Say goodbye to costly and time-consuming translation services, and hello to lightning-fast, accurate translations at a fraction of the cost

With machine translation and post-editing, you’ll be able to expand your reach, increase your productivity, and take your business to new heights.

Utilising Machine Translation (MT) powered by AI is an efficient, cost-effective solution, which provides both high quality and quick gist translation. Increasingly customisable and utilising bespoke workflows, our computer assisted translation ensures you deliver quality projects on time and in budget.

We offer a variety of different post edit activities, depending on your project or brief. We customise our post-editing workflows for each individual client. MTPE solutions focus on creating lasting content that are cost-driven and is suitable for high-volume web content.

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