Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity

Equality and diversity are really important concepts but sometimes confused or misunderstood. In the UK, the idea of ‘equality’ is about promoting and fostering everybody’s right to equal, fair access to goods and services free from discrimination, being valued as an individual, having the same choices as everyone else and being treated with dignity no matter who you are.

‘Diversity’ is about understanding that people have different views, beliefs and sometimes different practices and about accepting those differences as being beneficial to our society, individuals and organisations.

At thebigword we know what it means to be diverse. Our people come from all different walks of life, countries and backgrounds; from different genders, sexual orientations, religions and beliefs. We think that makes us stronger and we value all our employees and partners as unique individuals.

In the workforce, the idea of equal opportunities is how we put equality and diversity into practice. It’s about making sure all employees are treated equally and have the same access to promotion and progression within the organisation without discrimination.

We’re a family business – built up over decades by a working class Jewish family from Leeds and we know just how important it is to understand and put these concepts into practice. At thebigword, we believe that everyone should be open to all the same opportunities and the chance to grow and develop within the company – it’s one our proudest achievements that our team is so diverse – not just at the bottom but right from the top down, and we think our focus on this area gives us the strongest team in our industry.

Thebigword manages equality and diversity by offering fair, courteous and equal opportunities to all individuals, and by fully embracing the principle that people should be treated with fairness. We aim to create and foster a working environment where people of all backgrounds and levels of experience feel valued and appreciated.

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