Advanced technology enabling quick, remote communication.

thebigword’s interpreting technology solutions are designed to provide clients with flexible, efficient, and cost-effective access to interpreting services, while also maintaining the highest levels of quality and security for our clients and linguist network.

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Reach your full global potential with our language platforms

WordSynk Platform

Manage all your interpreting needs within the comprehensive WordSynk platform. From face-to-face interpreting, through to video remote and telephone interpreting, our platform ensures that within minutes, you can book and connect with a specialist interpreter fit for your requirements.

WordSynk is fast, simple and available 24/7/365 to make or view bookings and access to reports. It is a secure platform, protecting all your details, and offers complete visibility over your interpreter bookings.

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WordSynk Network Platform

WordSynk Network allows you to be in control of your own profile. You can upload your content and achievements and choose the most suitable projects for you. Our global platform is available 24/7/365 – allowing you to work whenever and wherever you want.

We understand the vitality of a fast and instant service, which is why we have developed our WordSynk technology to be on-demand for you to book and accept assignments or projects quicker than ever before.


Immediate access to all interpreting services

WordSynk is thebigword Group’s unique platform for delivering all interpreting services in one place.

Used by clients from the world’s largest companies and brands, including the  British and US Government Departments.

  1. Secured by Microsoft Azure cloud security
  2. Accessible from anywhere with internet connection
  3. Mobile apps to coordinate interpreters and service users
  4. Detailed management reporting
  5. Built in automation and AI powered services
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  1. Interpretation to help you trade anytime, anywhere
  2. Agile technology at the touch of a button
  3. Timely solutions available 24/7/365
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