thebigword progressing towards significantly improved linguist experience

thebigword’s linguist network is at the very core of our business. Their satisfaction is of great importance to us and we have a commitment to continuous improvement – ensuring we are providing them with the best experience throughout their journey with us.

We recently conducted a comprehensive Linguist Satisfaction Survey to gauge our progress, as well as identify areas where we could further enhance their experience. We received an overall satisfaction score of 75%, a continuous improvement on our previous surveys. During this survey, thebigword was commended for their improvement on linguist communications and updates to our technology.

Since the previous survey, we have worked hard to help benefit our linguist network, including the formation of our Linguist Services department. The department has been dedicated to ensuring the linguist experience is significantly improved with a goal to make it outstanding. They have focused on upskilling all interpreter facing staff with a strong focus on product knowledge and communication skills.

We have launched several initiatives in Q1 to support our interpreters, such as adding more coordinators to enhance response time and communication with linguists more frequently. Going forward, we are looking at innovative ways to streamline the communication between our linguists and ensure support is always readily available.

We have also made several technological developments, including a weekly offers summary which is sent to linguists every Sunday to ensure visibility of missed opportunities and bug fixes to our invoicing system to help avoid disruption with payment. As we move through Q2, thebigword will be introducing more technology developments that will continue to benefit our linguist network.

Stephanie Morer, Head of Linguist Services at thebigword Interpreting said: “The feedback our linguists provide in the Linguist Satisfaction Survey is incredibly important to us and really helps us solve any pain points they are experiencing. Each individual rating and comment provided by our linguist network is reviewed and sent to the relevant departments within thebigword.

Their feedback gives us the opportunity to introduce new initiatives internally that can provide our linguists with an enhanced experience. Since our last survey we have seen a improvement in our score and we look forward to seeing this continuing to improve throughout the year.”

thebigword remains dedicated to delivering outstanding experience. We extend our appreciation to our linguists for their valuable feedback and will continue strengthen our partnership and enhance their satisfaction.