Catering to the needs of the public and private sector with expert interpreting solutions.

thebigword’s internally developed technology tools support our full range of on-site and remote interpreting services.

Our platform enables us to provide our clients with straightforward, cost-effective and prompt access to suitably qualified professional interpreters; meeting all possible requirements, anywhere in the world.

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thebigword offers expert interpreting services that facilitate seamless global communication across diverse languages, catering to the needs of both public and private sectors. You can see some of our key services below.


Face to Face Interpreting

Professional, reliable service for complex and sensitive situations

In complex or sensitive situations, onsite interpreting is the perfect solution, enabling you to communicate with a clear and accurate mutual understanding.

Our interpreters are available day or night, 365 days a year, making thebigword the ideal provider for all your onsite interpretation needs.

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Telephone interpreter

Telephone Interpreting

In some situations, we appreciate that geographical limitations and time constraints do not allow the option for onsite interpreting support.

Instead, telephone interpreting can offer an efficient and affordable solution for effective multilingual communication within seconds.


Video Remote Interpreting

Sometimes just verbal communication is not enough. Our high-speed video interpreting service gives you instant access to trained interpreting professionals, specialising in spoken or sign language services via digital face-to-face media.

Remote interpreter working on a videocall
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Interpreting Technology

thebigword’s interpreting technology solutions are designed to provide clients with flexible, efficient, and cost-effective access to interpreting services, while also maintaining the highest levels of quality and security for our clients and linguist network.

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