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Leading Language Service Provider thebigword Supports Leeds Based Charity Zarach with Bed Deliveries for Children

Leading language service provider thebigword is lending a helping hand to Zarach, a charity based in Leeds, by actively participating in volunteer initiatives aimed at delivering beds and new clothing to underprivileged children. Through thebigword’s 5,745 paid volunteering days program, time is dedicated to supporting this local charity.

Founded in 2017 by Bex Wilson, a primary school teacher moved by a student’s plight, Zarach is dedicated to their mission of “Give Every Head a Bed.” Their goal is to furnish new beds and essential items to children facing poverty, ensuring they have the basic comfort of a good night’s sleep, enabling them to attend school and thrive. 

Gaby Pires, a Compliance Manager and CSR committee member at thebigword, recently joined Zarach’s team at their Leeds warehouse for a fulfilling day of bed deliveries to local families in need. Reflecting on the experience of making four deliveries that day, Gaby said “It’s heartwarming to witness the joy on the children’s faces as they receive their beds, new pyjamas, and cosy duvets, among other essentials in the generous packages.” 

Volunteerism plays a pivotal role in Zarach’s efforts, given the substantial demand for their services. Through impactful initiatives like these, Zarach has already made a significant difference in the lives of numerous children, ensuring they have the essentials for daily life. 

thebigword’s commitment to Zarach extends beyond volunteering. They pledge a minimum annual donation of £1000 to support families in accessing complete Bed Bundles, comprising brand new beds, mattresses, bedding, pyjamas, and hygiene kits – equating to a minimum of six families struck by the poverty crisis. thebigword also regularly engage in other fundraising activities for Zarach, such as raising a total of £203.81 through a staff advent during the festive period.

thebigword extends support to Zarach through their telephone interpreting service, recognising that many families referred to the charity are Limited English speakers. This language service facilitates communication with Zarach, expanding their outreach and ensuring broader support. 

In addition to volunteering days and donations, thebigword uses its large platform on social media and website to promote and share its fundraising efforts on an ongoing basis. Most recently, Zarach have appealed hygiene products and bedding through their Amazon wishlist that you can directly donate through here for those who would like to support them. These items will have a quick turnaround time and will go out to families in hygiene packs and will help make the bed delivery even more special and aid parents with establishing new bedtime routines for children.