thebigword donates trees to local primary school

Global language service provider thebigword has joined forces with The Tree Appeal to bolster their local community and uphold their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. With the threat of irreversible climate change advancing, the importance of working towards carbon neutrality is key. Many businesses around the world are making the steps towards becoming carbon neutral through initiatives that support the environment.

In a significant move towards this goal, thebigword has undertaken the initiative to plant 60 trees at East Ardsley Primary Academy, a local primary school. This endeavour is poised to capture 35 tonnes of carbon and contribute to cooling the atmosphere. The selection of four tree varieties ensures the creation of a diverse environment that fosters local wildlife. The planting of these trees involved the active participation of 60 East Ardsley pupils, who took immense pride in their role, actively engaging in planting and naming the trees, fostering a sense of ownership and environmental awareness along the way.

Commenting on the project, Bob Swinbank of Tree Appeal said: “It was great to team up with the keen and hard-working gang from thebigword. It is so important for the children to be hands on with the planting so that they take ownership of the trees. The enthusiasm of the volunteers plays a big part in that. The weather was kind to us, we got all the trees planted and everybody had a fantastic day!”

Sarah Talbot, Principal of East Ardsley Primary Academy commented that “We are very proud of our forest school which we use all the time as part of the children’s outdoor learning experience…We’ve been very fortunate that thebigword has sponsored us today and we’ve got sixty new trees to add to our forest school to make it even better.”

Emphasizing its commitment to eco-friendly practices, thebigword has embarked on additional environmentally conscious initiatives. At the Brainworks HQ, all coffee grounds are recycled to further support sustainability commitments and every employee has been provided with reusable water bottles to curb single-use plastic consumption. As well as this, the company is overhauling its approach to energy consumption, substance and chemical usage, and promoting awareness about natural resource conservation among its workforce. As thebigword continues to lead by example, it reaffirms its dedication to pioneering sustainable solutions and fostering a greener, more environmentally conscious future.