Taking the time to give back

We are not just proud of what we do as a business, we are proud of what we give back to the international communities we support and are committed to continuing to do so. We are devoted to supporting our colleagues, local communities around the globe and being an environmentally conscious corporation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our committees, charities and communities

The CSR Committee collates ideas from all our global offices, to ensure we are developing and supporting initiatives that represent our mission, vision and values. To get involved, submit an idea or put forward a cause you are passionate about, email the CSR Committee using the details to the side.


It isn’t easy being green. We have a few committees that meet regularly to discuss how best to direct our CSR efforts. By airing suggestions in a forum of CSR volunteers we maximise the good we can do and include ideas from all over the business.


We have a number of charities we already work with to raise funds and awareness. But we are always on the lookout for more causes we can show our support to. Some of those charities we work with regularly are shown below.


We’re proud of our communities and get involved with local sports teams, businesses and social clubs where we can. Our business also has a thriving staff community, who share interests and get together for sports and hobbies.


Competitors, Clients & Contractors

The language services industry is extremely niche and competitive. To stay abreast of industry news, developments and changes, we regularly host linguist summits and industry events for contractors, clients and even competitors.

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  2. Award winning service provider
  3. Member of key industry regulators

Get in touch

Please contact our Sales Team for any information regarding our services and to discuss how they can benefit you. We monitor our enquiries inbox regularly and will respond to all requests as we are able to.

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