Accurate and reliable translations through a variety of different services.

Our expert linguists deliver accurate, reliable translations, tailored to meet your specific needs and ensure that your message is communicated clearly across language barriers. We do this through our intuitive workflows, which respond to all of your multilingual content needs. Aligning people, procedures, assets and managing data across the entire translation process, thebigword’s translation automatically assesses the best workflow for your needs, to leverage high quality, cost-effective outcomes.

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Our highly secure platform supports some of the world’s biggest brands and regulated departments across the globe.


Human Translation

Our human translation involves a team of expert linguists who have extensive knowledge and experience in the subject matter of the content being translated.

The translators work closely with project managers to ensure that the translation is accurate, culturally appropriate, and delivered on time.

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Machine Translation with Post Edit

Utilising Machine Translation (MT) powered by AI is an efficient, cost-effective solution, which provides both high quality and quick gist language translation. Increasingly customisable and utilising bespoke workflows, our MT solution ensures you deliver quality projects on time and in budget.

We offer a variety of different post edit activities, depending on your project or brief. We customise our post-editing workflows for each individual client. MTPE solutions focus on creating lasting content that are cost-driven and is suitable for high-volume web content.



thebigword’s team of multimedia experts work with state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the final product is of high quality, culturally appropriate. Our multimedia services include subtitling, voiceover, and dubbing.

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Transcription items


We offer high-quality transcription services for a range of industries, including legal, healthcare, financial, and more.

Our team of experienced transcribers can transcribe and translate audio and video content in over 250 languages, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality throughout the process.