thebigword Showcases Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

thebigword is proud to highlight a series of new initiatives designed to enhance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts and further promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) within the organisation and communities served.

As part of its commitment to environmental sustainability, thebigword planted 60 trees at a local primary school, capturing an estimated 35 tonnes of carbon and contributing to cooling the atmosphere. This initiative also served to raise environmental awareness among the 60 pupils who participated in the tree-planting activities.

In addition, thebigword is supporting Zarach, a Leeds-based charity, by actively engaging in volunteer initiatives aimed at delivering beds and new clothing to underprivileged children. Through thebigword’s 5,745 paid volunteering days program, employees have dedicated significant time to aiding this local charity, making a tangible difference in the lives of many children.

Furthermore, thebigword has celebrated key events such as International Yoga Day and World Environment Day for its internal staff. These celebrations included inviting prominent speakers to support employees’ physical strength, flexibility and mental clarity. Additionally, environmental awareness was highlighted through speakers from sustainable initiatives, including representatives from the Serum Institute of India.

thebigword believes a diverse and inclusive workplace is essential for fostering innovation and growth. Our commitment to this principle is reflected in several key initiatives for our workforce.

In June, following a sanitary product drive in support of International Women’s Day, we donated sanitary products to a local community centre. thebigword will continue to collect hygiene donations to ensure that underprivileged individuals have more frequent access to these essential items.

Additionally, thebigword hosted two internal staff training sessions on Autism Awareness in collaboration with the Leeds Autism Services. These sessions introduced neurodiversity and provided guidance on how to support individuals on the autism spectrum.

To celebrate Pride Month also in June, thebigword partnered with Sparkle, The National Transgender Charity, to deliver a talk to employees and raise awareness of LGBTQ+ issues.

Joshua Gould, Chief Executive Officer at thebigword said: “Our commitment to CSR and ED&I is not just a corporate obligation, but a reflection of our core values. We believe that by investing in our communities and fostering an inclusive workplace globally, we can drive meaningful change and inspire others to do the same.”

Throughout the year, thebigword will continue with a number of initiatives for promoting equality, social responsibility, environmental sustainability and ethical business practices.

These include religious and social awareness days, British Sign Language (BSL) training for the whole business, becoming a level 3 disability-confident employer in the UK, contributing to renewable solar power in India and tree planting within the UK and Africa.