thebigword introduces new Re-Join Call feature to their Telephone Interpreting

thebigword has introduced a new Re-Join Call feature to their WordSynk Telephone Interpreting service, which will minimise the impact of dropped calls for clients and revolutionise customer service.

thebigword understands that network and connectivity issues for interpreters can happen at any time and cause calls to disconnect unexpectedly.

No more interruptions, no more misunderstandings, no more delays. Just smooth and accurate communication. This feature enables seamless interpretation conversations that enhance user satisfaction and interpreter performance.

What are the benefits of this new feature?

  • Interpreters can quickly reconnect to assist our clients with the Limited English Speaker.
  • Reduces frustration and stress for all parties, reconnecting to the call as soon as possible.
  • Plays a message in the Limited English Speaker’s language, so they can understand what is happening if the connection is lost.

Jessica Trotter, Product Manager for thebigword’s WordSynk TI said: “We recognise that network and connectivity issues can sometimes be out of our telephone interpreters’ control, and it can be frustrating when calls are dropped unexpectedly.

That’s why we have been working hard to make it easier for interpreters to easily rejoin with their customer and improve their experience working with thebigword.”

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