thebigword secures contract extension with two major NHS Trusts.

Global language technology provider, thebigword, have successfully secured new contracts with two major NHS trusts, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and The Royal Marsden.   


thebigword will be supplying the NHS Trusts with its new Video remote interpreting (VRI) service as well as more traditional language services.

VRI works in a similar way to Skype and FaceTime and connects hospitals to professional interpreters. The Service saves time and money for the hospital and is more convenient for linguists who do not have to travel to fulfil appointments. The hospitals using our VRI services reduces the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus and protects linguists, patients and medical professionals.

Mark Daley, Chief Operating Officer said: “We are proud that our technology and services are helping to make communication easier for the NHS and I’m delighted that thebigword has secured new contracts with Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and The Royal Marsden Trust.

“In emergency situations, healthcare and medical professionals need to have access to resources as quickly as possible. The VRI service we are providing for the NHS trusts allows us to put them in touch with linguists who are on-demand, 24/7.”

In a step to support hospitals and other organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic, thebigword has also waived its Neural Machine Translation fees.

 Michele Gould Head of Corporate Social Responsibility added:  “As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme thebigword has also waived its Machine Translation service fees for clients during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Machine Translation tools will allow clients to translate important information quickly and securely.”


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