Speaking the language of global business

A successful campaign in one market could spell failure in another. Words matter. Local customs matter. Straightforward text translation won’t cut it.

At thebigword, we understand specific markets and the subtleties of regional languages and conventions. It’s what we do best: helping clients trade and communicate with customers across the globe.

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What we do

Localised marketing solutions for global brands

Over 40 years of service in language solutions has made us the perfect language partner for global brands.


Holistic marketing localisation by experts


Multilingual multimedia for marketing

Digital Marketing

Expert PPC and SEO services by native speakers

Website localisation

Instant update connector solutions and expert localisation

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Aligning to your brand voice


Transcreation goes beyond adaptation and recreates your message with an authentic and culturally relevant brand voice. Bridging the communication gap, transcreation breaches the boundaries of culture and language without losing the original intended message.

Our expertise and experience will safely navigate your business around all-important regional customs and language variations.


Immediate access to all interpreting services

WordSynk is thebigword Group’s unique platform for delivering all interpreting services in one place.

Used by clients from the world’s largest companies and brands, including the  British and US Government Departments.

  1. Secured by Microsoft Azure cloud security
  2. Accessible from anywhere with internet connection
  3. Mobile apps to coordinate interpreters and service users
  4. Detailed management reporting
  5. Built in automation and AI powered services
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Our statistics

Over 40 years of service has made us the perfect language partner for global brands.


Supplier to 80 of the top
100 companies


New market campaigns


Websites localised per annum


On time delivery rate

Seamless connectivity

Ready for a fully integrated translation solution in your own CMS or PIM environment? Achieve unparalleled speed and reliability through integration and automation with a WordSynk connector.

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