thebigword delivers a bespoke workflow automation solution to the world’s most popular online gaming platform to streamline their localisation processes.


888.com is the world’s most popular online gaming website offering online poker, casino-style games, and sports betting. With strategic goals for market expansion, 888.com is offered in 11 languages across 16 B2C brands and 10 B2B brands. This complex environment of localised web properties requires a flexible, and highly automated localisation workflow solution.


thebigword provides a dedicated programme management team to organise projects across multiple websites and brands thebigword translates marketing and website content for 888.com into 15 languages across all brands, including 888holdings.com, the corporate site, and 777.com thebigword provides bespoke workflow automation, custom fields, and file parsers unique to 888.com’s environment to decrease turnaround times thebigword enforces terminology management for 888.com with a bespoke process to automatically lock key terminology in during the translation phase.


•thebigword grew the account from a small translation job into a technology enabled, enterprise translation programme with daily automated handoffs covering multiple departments and brands.

•thebigword provides custom engineering and consultation services to update the technology framework to respond to 888.com’s dynamic development environment—new file formats, new workflows, and new project requirements.

•thebigword has a long-term partnership with 888.com that has grown organically to cover multiple brands and web properties under the 888holdings.com umbrella, including 777.com and 888.com.


“thebigword built a custom workflow solution for 888.com to handle high volume translation with daily handoffs in up to 15 different languages.” 888.com Spokesperson