Chinese tops German as third most translated business language, says thebigword

thebigword – a global, technology-enabled language solution provider – has revealed that this year, Chinese has replaced German as 3rd in the list of languages businesses ask it to translate into. This shift reflects China’s growing influence as one of the most powerful economies in the world. But it also shows that businesses are beginning to understand that to trade with China, they must do so in Chinese.

Larry Gould, CEO and Founder of thebigword, said: “We are still translating as many words per year into German as ever, and it is of course still a hugely important business language. But it’s widely recognised that China has emerged as an economic superpower, and that is reflected in our findings here.”

“What is heartening about this statistic is that businesses recognise the need to adapt to other languages and business cultures when trading overseas: and this is especially true in China. By using thebigword’s technology-enabled language solutions and tapping into its extensive experience of working in Asia, businesses can overcome language and cultural barriers to find their own success in China.”

thebigword revealed these striking findings ahead of the launch of the China Business Club in Leeds which it is sponsoring. The Leeds City Region China Business Club is an organisation dedicated to the exchange of ideas, experience and advice with those businesses wanting to make an impact with Chinese firms at home and overseas.

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