Global language services provider thebigword is launching a legal and justice division.

Global language services provider thebigword is launching a legal and justice division.

Global language services provider thebigword is launching a legal and justice division to meet growing demand for high quality and high security translation and interpreting assignments.


The company has appointed Erica Baron as sales manager for the new division, which serves national and international clients.


These include various police forces, a Silicon Valley technology giant and a number of Magic Circle, Silver Circle and multinational law firms.


Erica Baron was instrumental in winning the tender to supply the Ministry of Justice and was closely involved in the successful implementation of Europe’s largest language services contract.


The new division is separate to the operations that serve the MoJ.


In her new role, she will lead and manage the new division, a growth area for the group.


Erica Baron said: “We are seeing huge growth in demand for translation and interpreting work from the public sector and private sector.


“In law enforcement, agencies are requiring telephone interpreting services 365 days per year, 24 hours a day and I am very proud of the fulfillment levels thebigword are achieving. .


Erica went on to say in respect of commercial law work:


“We are seeing an uplift in work which includes translating contracts and patent applications for international businesses.


“Everyone wants high levels of security, which we are able to provide through our network of fully vetted linguists. In addition to our patented highly secure translation environment which has also given us the oppor-tunity to win work from a number of global banks.”


Larry Gould, founder and Executive Chairman of thebigword, said: “We have earned a strong reputation for our translation and interpreting services in the legal and justice sectors.


“We are proud to be helping to support the smooth administration of justice through our work with the MoJ.


“We are also proud to be helping law firms across the UK to break down language barriers in the provision of expert legal services to regional, national and international clients.”


Mr Gould was one of the speakers at the Leeds Conference, a showcase for UK legal services in leading centre of excellence outside the City of London.


His group has invested significantly in the latest technologies to offer high quality, high security, automated workflows and improved turnaround times.


thebigword is exhibiting at the Global Legal & IP ConfEx in London.


About thebigword:


thebigword is the largest interpreting services provider in Europe and is among the top 20 language and translation companies in the world.


It works with many of the world’s biggest and best-known brands and a number of large US and UK government organisations.


The company has 12 offices around the world, employs over 600 staff and a network of more than 15,000 linguists.


Every month, thebigword handles 1 million minutes of telephone interpreting, 17,000 face-to-face interpreting assignments and half a billion words of translation.


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