The Google brand is too valuable and prestigious to risk poor translation of Google product content or marketing material. Google required a quality assurance programme that would first, ensure top-notch linguistic quality, and second, would scale to support all Google products and services around the globe.


Google required faster delivery times with exceptional quality as delays in translation have a direct impact on the production and release of new products. The company needed to find a partner to help reduce translations time and speed up their ability to deliver products to market.


thebigword built a live arbitration model designed to create and facilitate continuous communication among translators and reviewers working on over 20 Google products in 44 languages. thebigword sources, tests, and trains reviewers on Google quality standards using a unique linguist reward programme called Ethe Google Review Program. thebigword preferred to attract and retain top talent for Google and manages the translation quality of Google’s 4 translation vendors and is the final review before content is published. The programme has expanded over 4 years to include a managed services model to manage onsite reviewers.


•Google recognised thebigword as the “Best LSP Vendor” for 7 quarters in a row and counting.

•Google asked thebigword to take over the Google Reviewer linguist test process to redesign the way candidates enter the Google Review Program.

•thebigword developed a full training programme compatible with the Google LMS used to train Google linguists.

•Google no longer requires a formal approval step from Google for linguists entering the programme from thebigword.

•At Google’s request, thebigword is currently tripling capacity to meet Google’s global demand for the service.

•Automated and integrated workflow.