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thebigword provides multiple language services on behalf of HSBC’s Staff training and eLearning division.


Due to the strict confidentiality of financial documents within HSBC, the ability for staff to send and receive emails is restricted, which limits their ability to request and receive translated documents. HSBC needed a one stop shop translation service to translate eLearning and staff training content for their global staff. HSBC wanted to ensure this content was accurately localised so it was ready to be distributed to their global staff as soon as the translation was complete.


WordSynk has a range of tools and capabilities all within one system. This technology worked well for HSBC as there was no need to send emails to request and receive translated content. This enabled HSBC to manage and track all their translation projects within WordSynk. WordSynk also allowed HSBC to have multiple licences which meant that different members of staff could track and retrieve completed projects. This helped HSBC to avoid the risks associated with sending confidential documents through email. Our review tool enabled translated content to be approved by a HSBC in country validator, guaranteeing the style and tone of voice of HSBC’s global language.


•Over 4 million words translated for HSBC in the last year.

•Reduced translation project turnaround time by up to 80%.


“thebigword’s TMS system was great as it allowed me to send a track my own projects. I didn’t even need the user guide as the system was so straightforward and easy to use” Spokesperson for HSBC