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thebigword’s Beijing office delivers end-to-end localisation services to the world’s largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer.


Huawei is the largest telecommunications manufacturer in the world with strategic goals for the mobile and wearable devices market. Huawei needs to get their products to market first to win in this highly competitive space. Products must be ready for release in every region of the world.


thebigword provides an end-to-end solution including translation, software testing, and cultural adaptation of mobile and wearable device products. In order to meet the demands of a highly productive international manufacturer, we implemented a solution to provide rapid translation of product content in 20 languages in less than 18 hours turn around time. We deployed thebigword TMS, a proprietary translation management system, to increase translation quality and to reduce time to market thebigword provides services in over 50 languages, covering major markets in Europe and niche markets in China requiring special translators for local Chinese dialects.


•Increased language support from 10 languages to over 50 languages including obscure local dialects.

•Provided an integrated software testing solution for mobile and wearable device technology as part of an end-to-end solution.

•Helps decrease time to market with rapid translation services with 18 hour turn around time.

•Coordinates a global programme of 100 linguists across 9 regional offices for translation, testing, and cultural adaptation services.

•Partnership has allowed Huawei to successfully break into new markets in Europe and South Asia.