ISL to offer Diploma in Public Service Interpretation Qualification

Congratulations to the International School of Linguists (ISL) who are now offering the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI) exam alongside their existing interpreting qualifications.

The DPSI is accredited, nationally recognised and enables interpreters to work on the most sought after public sector assignments.

From today, ISL will be offering DPSI exams all year round and anywhere in the UK making it easier than ever to access this qualification.

Robert Mynett, General Manager of ISL said:

“At ISL we are committed to providing innovative support for linguists and promoting and developing interpreting standards throughout the UK. We are delighted that we can now provide the DPSI in law qualification as well as our existing world class Interpreting qualifications.

“We have sought to make the DPSI more accessible than ever so that more interpreters can secure those higher level public sector assignments. Through ISL, candidates will be able to take exams all year round and save on the cost of obtaining the qualification.

“This is great news for interpreters who want to increase their interpreting opportunities and for public sector organisations with more complex requirements.”

For more information about the diploma call the ISL team on 08007573475 or visit:

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