Language should not be a barrier to fighting online abuse.

Language should not be a barrier to fighting online abuse.

thebigword which is the language service provider for the Ministry of Justice is committed to ensuring that language is not a barrier to fighting online abuse. Hate crime and online abuse is not limited to the English language and incidents of social media misogyny and homophobia can go undetected.

Following new guidance from the Crown Prosecution Service which recommends that online hate crimes should be treated as seriously as abuse committed face-to-face, thebigword is providing all CPS staff with a helpful user guide “How to translate social media screenshots”.

The CPS will be able to use thebigword’s Translation Management System (TMS) to upload captured screenshots from facebook, twitter and other social media platforms and send images for translation.

Thebigword is also briefing its hardworking and skilled army of linguists to support the MOJ in the fight against online abuse.

Commenting on the new guidance issued by the Chief Prosecutor, Larry Gould, Chief Executive of thebigword said: We have all heard about some truly awful examples of online abuse in recent years and so I am pleased that the CPS is toughening up their guidance.

At thebigword we are ready to support the CPS in ensuring that language does not provide a block to successful prosecution of online abuse.

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