thebigword has produced a special Yorkshire guide to speaking Russian for England fans at the World Cup.

Bozhe moy!* Leeds-based thebigword has produced a special Yorkshire guide to speaking Russian for England fans at the World Cup.


The language services provider has translated a number of well-known Yorkshire words and sayings to help our fans feel at home during the football tournament.


Yorkshire: Eh up!

English: Greetings!

Russian: Привет!

Literal: Hi!

Pronunciation: Privyet


Yorkshire: Nah then! ‘Owz thi’ doin?

English: Now then, How is one doing?

Russian: Ну что, как оно?

Literal: So what, how is it?

Pronunciation: Noo shto, kak ano?


Yorkshire: Have a gander

English: Have a look

Russian: глянь

Literal: Have a glance

Pronunciation: Glyan


Yorkshire: Eeh by gum*

English: Oh my goodness

Russian: Боже мой!

Literal: My goodness!

Pronunciation: Bozhe moy!


Yorkshire: Faffing

English: Spend time in ineffectual activity

Russian: ковыряться / застрять

Literal: to tinker / get stuck

Pronunciation: Kovyryatsya / zastryat


Yorkshire: Be reight

English: It will be okay

Russian: все будет хорошо / не парься

Literal: everything will be fine / don’t worry

Pronunciation: vsye boodet harasho / nye parsya


Yorkshire: Bonny

English: Pretty

Russian: Миловидный

Literal: sweet looking

Pronunciation: Milovidnii


Yorkshire: Yam

English: I’m going home

Russian: я иду домой

Literal: I’m going home

Pronunciation: Ya idoo domoy


Larry Gould, executive chairman of thebigword, said: “While this translation exercise was a bit of fun for our Leeds-based expert linguists and England football fans, there is also a more serious point to be made.


“When I founded thebigword in 1980, the prevailing attitude among many people in our region was that foreigners should ‘bloody well speak Yorkshire’.


“As a result of globalisation, the internet and our language services, I am delighted to see that more Yorkshire people than ever before are communicating successfully with friends, family and business contacts across the world.”


Notes to Editors:


thebigword is the largest interpreting services provider in Europe and is among the top 20 language and translation companies in the world.


It works with many of the world’s biggest and best-known brands and a number of large US and UK government organisations.


The company has 12 offices around the world, employs over 600 staff and a network of more than 15,000 linguists.


Every month, thebigword handles one million minutes of telephone interpreting, 17,000 face-to-face interpreting assignments and half a billion words of translation.


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