thebigword sponsor AFC Travellers

The all-star AFC Travellers will run out this weekend in their new football kit bearing the name of local legends, thebigword.

The language services company is sponsoring the new kit for the side, a stalwart of the Leeds Combination League.

Midfield maestro Jack Hill, who works at thebigword as a senior co-ordinator, said: “It’s great that thebigword is able to sponsor our new kit. Support like this that helps clubs like our to keep going.”

Daniel Hurley, chairman of AFC Travellers, said: “Sponsorship is hard to come by for most Sunday league clubs so to have thebigword on board with us is fantastic.

“It certainly gives the club a massive boost. It gives us a real chance to move the club forward as it takes some of the financial burden of asking players to dig deep and help fund kits.

“It also is a great opportunity to grow the image of the club with our new partnership and hopefully we can share continued success.”

Larry Gould,Executive Chairman of thebigword, said: “thebigword employs a lot of people in West Leeds and so it’s really important that we support our local community.

“I know that AFC Travellers are doing very well this season, and we will be rooting for them as the season goes on. Good luck.”

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