The all new!

If you haven’t visited us at for a while then you’re in for a surprise!  Our all-new customer-focused, clearly presents you with our bespoke and innovative language services, powered by technology, to more effectively support your communication needs.

The new website has been updated to reflect who we are, what we do and the innovative steps we are taking as a company.  This includes refreshed branding, imagery and a navigation that sites the technology we offer alongside our services and solutions.

Whether you are a regular user of our translation and interpreting, or are new to language services, you will find a lot more information and guidance here on our website to be able to get started with your next project.  We’ve provided you with the resources, tools and latest developments to help you make the best decisions for your global language needs.

For the launch of our new website we would also like to introduce you to a brand new interactive feature called ‘Solution Designer.’ Solution Designer can be accessed through our homepage and is an interactive tool to help break down the complexities of localisation. Solution Designer is free to use and will take through your translation project through a series of quick questions to establish your exact requirements.  Solution Designer then uses this intelligence to deliver a ‘Personalised Project Workflow’ which breaks down your project into manageable steps and gives you the information you need to take your translation forward quickly and easily.

As you can see from our new website, and the innovative Solution Designer, technology is the thread that links our range of services.  As a technology-enabled language service provider we are a leader in our sector.  Our technology isn’t off the shelf; it’s developed in-house, providing solutions that break down the barriers to communication, enabling you to engage more easily with your customers and stakeholders.

Our new website demonstrates and explains our language technology, without the use of industry jargon, so that you can get started quickly with your translation or interpreting request.

Welcome to our new website.  A fresh new look for thebigword and, best of all, our fantastic, friendly teams are just a click or a call away, ready to guide you through all your language needs.

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