thebigword Group has launched a brand new space in a former heartland of the first industrial revolution to support growth and expansion for thebigword Group. It will house the group’s technology business GTS (Gould Tech Solutions).

thebrainworks is a converted warehouse with a brand new, modern design. It has exciting, innovative features for staff including a wellbeing space for activities such as Yoga classes, Ping Pong, Chess, as well as music and beer Fridays. Graffiti art to complement the environment has been commissioned. Employees have also been given the chance to personally choose the design and colour of their desks.

A main feature of thebrainworks is a large auditorium with bleachers seating for client demos and quarterly team meetings. The rest of the space is used as a business continuity area and warehouse facility.

Larry Gould, Founder and Chairman of thebigword, said: “We are delighted to be opening a brand new space for our companies.

“We wanted to create a comfortable and innovative place of work for our employees, and we have ensured that thebrainworks has that personalised touch.

“The launch is an exciting time for our company and demonstrates our continued success.”

GTS was founded in Leeds seven years ago and is a growing technology business. It has developed the space to accommodate its team of more than 60 developers, testers and engineers.

Creating language software for some of the world’s largest companies including Silicon Valley tech Giants, and UK and US Government Departments, GTS has a strong track record for developing new intellectual property.

Mark Rice, Global Director of Technology at GTS, said: “We absolutely recognise the importance of having the time and space to think and be innovative in research and development.

“Sometimes people need to work alone and be away from distraction. Other times, we need to work together and collaborate.

“We are investing in a dynamic place that will allow our people to do both at thebrainworks.”

Commenting on the opening of the building, Judith Blake, leader of Leeds City Council, said: “We would like to congratulate GTS for creating such an inspiring environment for its community of developers, testers and engineers

“We are very proud of our growing technology sector in Leeds, which is becoming one of the best places in the UK to build a billion-pound business.”

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