thebigword lands major contract with US Navy

The United States Navy’s engineering command, which is committed to the combat readiness of the world’s largest naval force, has awarded thebigword a contract with Naval Facilities Engineering Command Europe Africa Southwest Asia (NAVFAC EURAFSWA), headquartered in Naples, Italy.

As a supporting command of the US Navy, NAVFAC manages facility project planning and design for Commanders around the world, as well as providing the Navy’s forces with operating, support, and training bases needed on shore.

thebigword is providing NAVFAC EURAFSWA with translation and interpretation services throughout 3 of the US Military’s major geographic commands, covering Europe, Africa and the Middle East regions.

Founder and CEO of thebigword Larry Gould said: “With our dedicated defense division and our pool of linguists we’ve been able to supply NAVFAC with highly trained staff that work to make sure US Navy personnel, contractors and local people can communicate effectively.

“We’re a growing company and we are committed to delivering the best in language service support for all our clients.”

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