thebigword Releases Public Sector Technology, Delivering Multi-Million Pound Savings

The global interpreting and translation company, thebigword, has announced the launch of its groundbreaking public sector interpreting technology, expected to deliver multi-million pound savings to government departments.

Developed in-house over the past two years, the LanguageDirector Interpreting Management System (LD IMS) will revolutionise the use of interpreters for a vast range of government services including: health, immigration, housing, and employment.

For the first time, public sector organisations requiring a face-to-face interpreter will be able to access the service online and be confident that they will get an interpreter with relevant qualifications and experience.

In addition, LD IMS will enable local businesses, SME’s and charities to benefit by bidding for interpreting work within their own area or speciality.  For many small firms, this will be their first-ever opportunity to do work within a government framework agreement.

thebigword’s LD IMS technology enables public sector users to book online, requesting the ‘fastest’ or ‘best value’ interpreter.  If they choose the latter, thebigword puts the job out to suitably experienced and qualified interpreters on its database who then bid for the work.

The system includes live quality ratings, one point of contact, automatic invoicing and extensive management information for public sector departments.

thebigword is already a major provider of face-to-face and over-the-telephone interpreters.  The sixth largest independently owned language services business in the world, it works extensively for government departments and large private sector businesses in the UK and U.S.

Josh Gould, Chief Commercial Officer at thebigword says:  “We know that the Government has to cut spend and  realistically, interpreting is the only way that people who don’t have English as their first language can access health, justice, work and housing.  This new technology answers a vital need whilst significantly reducing the cost of delivering it.”

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