thebigword stands in solidarity with Ukraine

The situation unfolding in Ukraine weighs heavily on us.

Our hearts are with our team members, clients, linguists and their families in Ukraine. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the brave troops and civilians in Ukraine during this difficult time.

In light of this crisis, thebigword has made a significant donation in the name of the company to a charity helping the evacuation of refugees out of Ukraine. The charity has supported over 50,000 people so far and our donation will allow them to continue their hard work.

We are also donating 5,000 minutes of Telephone Interpreting through or WordSynk TI App to organisations supporting Ukrainian refugees. Our dedicated network of Ukrainian speaking linguists in the UK will also be volunteering their skills and time to help support the cause.

We have created a dedicated webpage where charities and organisations can register for this service for free. If you are supporting Ukrainian refugees or know anybody who is – please refer them to this page and ask them to fill in the form.

Upon completing the form, we will be in touch with an access code for our service and instructions on how to use our WordSynk TI App. We hope this service is beneficial for you and we thank you for your tremendous work so far.

For individuals interested in helping, please also consider supporting one or more initiatives by donating what you can. Here is a list of some organisations we have collated where you can contribute to stand with the people of Ukraine:

Here is a list of resources to better understand the current situation and learn more about how to help:

thebigword condemns this immoral and unjust conflict and the violation of international law. We stand in solidarity with Ukraine.

Thank you for joining us and helping stop the war.