Unite content creation and translation – thebigword’s Connectors system breaks down barriers to global trade

The importance of localisation is being recognised by more and more companies as the delivery of content in local languages becomes the norm. Consumers their buying experience to be done in a language they understand and preferably in their mother tongue. Those brands that answer this challenge not only have access to a much wider pool of potential consumers; they experience higher sales as evidence shows that buyers are 75% more likely to make a purchase if content has been localised into their language.

But the challenge for companies has historically been how to deliver content across multiple languages that is consistent in brand message and identity, that can be delivered quickly and affordably and that is secure. The need to take the hassle out of multi-lingual content generation is becoming urgent across a number of industries, including those as varied as food production, retail and industrial manufacturing. Any company that exports faces this challenge.

Here at thebigword we’ve used our expertise and experience in localisation to developer the Connectors System, to offer a solution to businesses looking to trade globally.

Able to sync with all leading Content Management Systems, Connectors automatically takes content and delivers back quality translations to your local network. Built in brand and industry recognition means brand identity can be maintained and industry specific terminology is consistent whether a customer is buying your goods in Brighton or Bangkok.

And Connectors helps companies save time and money as well. Accurate machine translation delivers multi-lingual translations of copy in a fraction of the time it would take traditional translation methods so brands can deliver products and services to an international audience faster than ever before.

Security is ensured with the latest protections and automation of translation can save time and money that can be deployed elsewhere.

To find out more about the Connectors System, click HERE.

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