The Future of Language Analytics

Claire Jackson, our Client Programme Director for Business Intelligence, is set to deliver a session at the 14th EUATC Conference in Estonia, this April.

As a Business Intelligence expert in the localisation and technology industry, Claire will be speaking about thebigword’s new predictive analytics solution within language service supply chain.

Many of the challenges we face are “Would You Rather” problems with vexing, double bind consequences like “Would you rather pay more or wait longer for a quality result?” We know intuitively that if we can identify a reliable pattern, we can create a formula to help us predict the probable outcome of each option and then weigh the consequences to make a calculated choice.

Predictive analytics provides that incredible foresight, which when coupled with effective action, gives you a significant competitive advantage.

Predictive analytics is an advanced analytics solution, which enables you to make predictions about key future events. This solution supports supply chain analysis, resource capacity planning and language quality management, by providing the data to allow you to make more educated decisions.

Claire is speaking at the 14th EUATC conference in Tallin, discussing how predictive analytics provides greater efficiency and innovation in your language supply chain. The conference attracts attendees from across the globe and is aimed at industry decision-makers who are seeking to maximise their key assets, remodel their business and deploy the best strategies and technologies to effectively enter new markets.

We look forward to sharing more on our predictive analytics solution and demonstrating our technological expertise at the EUATC later this month.

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