The Language Industry in an Era of Innovation

Mark Rice, Chief Information Officer at thebigword, is leading the way in the development of products for the language industry and is set to speak at several technology innovation events this year.

As CIO of thebigword and head of Gould Tech Solutions, thebigword’s technology company, Mark will be a key speaker in the ‘CEO Conversation’ at the TAUS Global Content Summit, held in Dublin on 30th September.

Leaders of some of the most successful localisation companies in the industry will come together to discuss the navigation between humans and machines, between the creative powers of their linguist teams and the intelligence of massive data in their businesses.

Mark is also a key speaker at Microsoft Future Decoded on the 2nd October – a 2 day conference centred around the latest technology trends, and preparing a business for work in an Artificial Intelligence driven era.

Along with Nathan Banks, UK Business Sales and Operations Leader of Microsoft, Mark will discuss ‘A Dream of Innovation’ and take the audience along thebigword’s personal journey of innovation, including the disruption of the interpreting industry through technological advancements.

Commenting on the events, Mark Rice said: “I look forward to sharing thebigword’s own unique experience in a technology driven era.

“We strategically invest in technologies that put us at the forefront of the language services industry. Working closely with Microsoft, we’ve recently moved our entire infrastructure to the cloud, so it’s great to collaborate on such events and share our collective story.”

Nathan Banks added: “I’m delighted to have Mark alongside my ‘Innovation Starts With Dreaming’ talk. We have similar viewpoints on innovation and I look forward to sharing them with other technical decision makers and helping them to leverage the latest technology trends.”

thebigword Group is also hosting ‘The GTS Global Summit 2019’ in October. The summit will be held at the Everyman Cinema in the heart of Leeds and will showcase the Group’s latest innovative products and services, including exclusive live demos and interactive sessions.

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