thebigword Group pledges to support India during rise in COVID-19 cases

Global Language Technology company thebigword Group is supporting its employees in India during recent rise of COVID-19 cases in the country.

India is now the second nation in the world to pass the 20 million COVID-19 case milestone, with health ministry data also showing over 200,000 registered COVID-19 deaths since the pandemic began.

With an office located in Pune, what is happening in India is close to thebigword’s heart and they are taking measures to ensure that their staff members can remain safe during this difficult time.

thebigword will work with the Local Authorities, Insurance Companies and HealthCare Providers to make the vaccine available to staff and their immediate families. If there is a charge for the vaccine, thebigword will pay for it. They have also introduced a policy that allows their employees across the world to safely work from home.

Fundraising as part of thebigword’s CSR programme is also happening to help support those less fortunate with a virtual walk from the head office located in Leeds to their office in Pune. The virtual walk consists of 7,413km and employees have already walked just over 7,000km in less than 2 months.

The charities chosen for the virtual walk is the Dharamveer Shambhuraje Pratisthan orphanage which relies on volunteers and donations to operate as well as the Care of Police Survivors (COPS) charity located in the UK.

The Dharamveer Shambhuraje Pratisthan orphanage is located close to thebigword’s office in Pune and is home to 135 children aged between 5 and 16. To donate to the cause, please visit the dedicated JustGiving page for thebigword’s virtual walk.

Nilesh Dorik, India Country Manager at thebigword Group said: “During uncertain and scary times like this, it is great to have a close family relationship like we do at thebigword

Our staff all over the world are supporting us where they can through pledges and fundraising and we are so thankful.”

“Whilst our lives in other offices in the world are slowly getting back to normal, we are conscious that our Indian employees are worried about their and the health of their own families, which is why we have pledged to pay for our staff and their immediate family to have vaccines when it is possible.” said Michele Gould, Director of CSR at thebigword Group.

“We are so proud to be also able to fundraise and support those less fortunate at The Dharamveer Shambhuraje Pratishthan orphanage which is close to our office in Pune. Supporting those children who reply on donations is all the more important during this time.”

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