thebigword launches OnDemand Translation solution

  • OnDemand Translation offers round-the-clock service for everyday translation requirements
  • High quality translations delivered within two hours
  • Translations handled by experienced linguists with language technology solutions at their fingertips
  • Ideal solution for dynamic content, such as social media, blogs and internal comms

thebigword – a global, technology-enabled language solution provider – has launched an innovative, rapid online translation solution for everyday projects.

OnDemand Translation gives customers round-the-clock access to human linguists, through a bespoke, online platform; with translations completed within two hours. The experienced linguists are able to offer high quality translations with greater accuracy than ordinary machine translations are able to offer.

OnDemand Translation is ideal for dynamic content such as social media, newsletters, intranet content, blogs and articles, as the service is designed for content with a word count of fewer than 1,000 words.

Kenny Sendel, Chief Technology Officer at thebigword, said: “The launch of OnDemand reflects the growing requirement among global businesses for quick, high quality translation of everyday content – such as digital – intended for international audiences. While your social media post, blog or internal communication might sparkle in one language, it may not in another if not translated properly.

“The human element of the OnDemand translation process means that not only will your translation carry a considerably greater level of consistent accuracy and appreciation of context than you’d get with a machine, but you are also able to share comments and feedback to maximise quality. Ultimately, this solution allows for greater speed in the professional, high quality translation of materials necessary for businesses to communicate with their international markets effectively.”

Simplicity, ease-of-use and visibility lie at the heart of the OnDemand solution, with the translation process broken down into three straightforward steps, with visibility of progress available throughout.

While OnDemand Translation will deliver professional human translations quickly and efficiently – far more so than a machine – this service is specifically designed for dynamic, non-complex content. Potential customers with a requirement for complex or detailed and technical translations should enquire with thebigword about their Bespoke Translation service.

The Bespoke Translation service is fully project managed and caters for all types of projects and volumes and complexities, using top linguists handpicked for the project in hand.

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