Video remote interpreting: changing the face of the new normal

The new normal for the already virtual world

The pandemic has challenged us in many ways which we never imagined. Whether it was restricting ourselves to step out and meet up with people, or adapting to technology changes to keep things running uninterrupted.

Whilst there were hurdles obstructing our daily lives, there were barriers broken across the world as people collaborated to fight against the virus. The new normal saw us dealing with patients with medical conditions virtually, taking the education system inside homes and achieving new home working models for many businesses.

But one thing that these COVID times have taught us is that no matter what the scenario is, we can innovate and make our way through it.

Why Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)?

The need for video remote interpretation replacing in person interpreters has seen a skyrocketing surge, due to challenges we encountered in various aspects of our routine lives.

This international public health crisis has imposed a need for VRI globally to keep the world connected and running due to the hindrances forced onto face-to-face interpreters.

With the ongoing uncertainty regarding the path forward, many industries need quick and accessible support than ever. Video remote interpretation proves to be one such service that can bring ease and efficiency to an over-stressed system.

How does VRI work?

Video remote interpreting is a cutting-edge technology that has and is changing the way we communicate. VRI connects multiple parties together without an interpreter physically present. It provides the benefit of face-to-face communication with the simplicity of telephone interpretation.

Video interpreting services are great for communicating with staff, business partners, patients or clients who are Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing or who have limited English proficiency.

thebigword to the rescue

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