WordSynk hits 100k per month automation milestone

WordSynk, thebigword’s all-in-one language platform, has hit an automation milestone with over 100,000 Telephone interpreting calls per month now being fully automated.

Fully automated calls require no human involvement in connecting a customer over the phone with an interpreter in under 30 seconds. thebigword has increased fully automated calls by over 230% from this time last year.

Commenting the milestone, Chief Information Officer Mark Rice said: “Since the beginning of the pandemic we have seen a dramatic shift in the demand for remote interpreting solutions and our technology team have developed new innovative solutions to enable us to deliver over 100,000 automated calls per month.

This brings faster connection for our clients, maintaining a world class service even with an increase in demand over 230%.”

thebigword’s aim is to deliver infinitely scalable solutions using best in class technology, products and services.

WordSynk an industry first all-in-one language platform, has been at the heart of thebigword’s transformation. The platform combines all services, from translation through to transcription and interpreting within one language technology platform.

The company’s mission is for WordSynk to become the world’s defacto multilingual communication tool.